Jamesport Brewing Co Owner

The Detroit Free Press reported, “Jamaican native,” James Portrait, owner of the Jamesport Brewing Co. in Ludington, Michigan, was interviewed for the Detroit Free Press. He was asked if he would consider opening a second Jamesport Brewing Co. in Ludington. He replied;

“My first reaction when I heard this was the thought that it would be a very stupid idea because there are already beer shops in Ludington and that it would take too much effort to market a second brew shop. But it is not too late now to start your brewing business.”

Portrait also mentioned that the Jamesport Brewing Co. has been around for a while. He said that they were established about 100 years ago. He also said that the first brew he ever made was a pumpkin ale.

Portrait was asked if there is a good deal of controversy about the fact that he is a native Jamaican. He said he is proud that he is but added that he would love it if they just called him a native American, he would be fine with that. He stated that all his employees are from Jamaica and that is why they know English.

He also said that he has always been a big fan of the sport of football and that he used to play the sport back in Jamaica. He even owns an NFL jersey. He also said he has a license plate number that belongs to former NFL player Deion Sanders and it has been retired by him.

Portrait was asked what his favorite foods are. He replied that he likes beef and pork and his favorites are barbecue chicken and jerk chicken. He has even had a dish at his restaurant called “Taco King”.

He was asked if he thinks there is any controversy over the fact that he has Jamaican food on tap at his restaurant. He said that there is but that he is a bit careful. He did say that the beer he is serving is actually “Jamaican Blue Mountain” and not Jamaican whiskey.

Portrait was asked about whether he thought that the name of his Ludington restaurant was a good one. He said that he thought it was and that it was a great name. He stated that people will appreciate the name since it is a local name and not something from an overseas country.

He was asked whether or not he could see himself running a restaurant in Jamaica where the Jamaican food is served. He said that he would like to do that and he would also like to open up a restaurant in Jamaica to serve the food that he has grown up with in Jamaica.

He was also asked if he thought that he would be able to find a location for his new restaurant in Jamaica because they are such a small island. He said that it would take him two years to find a location. and he will have to do some research on each island in order to locate one that is appropriate.

He was asked if he could see himself staying in Jamaica long term. to make sure that he would be happy there.

He said that he is from Jamaica so that would be his first concern and he would probably be looking into places that he could live in Jamaica for the next 30 years to come. He said that he loves the island and that he hopes that he can be a part of its history for many years to come.

Portrait was asked what his thoughts are of the people of Jamaica. He said that he loves his employees and that they are all very friendly. He said that he enjoys being in Jamaica and that he can get to know the people that live there.